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About MKT

The Market Bistro & Bar, also known as (“MKT”), is located at 64 Wall Street in the historic area of Norwalk, CT. Its doors are adjacent to the popular family entertainment center, My Three Sons. 64 Wall Street is the perfect location for this new “stock exchange” themed restaurant. Jason Petrini, the owner of MKT, wanted to create a Wall Street theme bar with its very own stock exchange concept. Our patrons have the opportunity to be a part of the scenario and day-trade cocktails and drinks. One of many features is that the drink exchange can crash at any moment, where patrons have the opportunity to buy a drink at a low bottom price.

With the historical aspects surrounding the area, it is not only fitting for this restaurant, but it takes the theme that much further. The upcoming developments and community provides an exciting vibe that is certain to maintain for the next few decades. Patrons can park in the Yankee Doodle parking garage.

MKT promises to always meet their guests’ expectations by focusing on its fresh “farm-to-table” cuisine, original signature cocktails, consistent friendly service, and reasonable pricing. This newly opened restaurant has partnered with local farmers and organic growers who provide the freshest produce that is offered daily on MKT’s “twisted-american tradition” menu. Featured items such as grass-fed beef and poultry are just a couple of the major staples shown on the menu. The restaurant continues to satisfy any meat-lover and their tastebuds. From a juicy burger to tender chicken wings, a menu like this continues to grow by adding crisp green salads, fried raviolis, and even pizza which is made to order. MKT strives to support local artists and bands – both of which are featured in-house and perform every weekend.

MKT is the perfect meeting place for grabbing some drinks and enjoying a fulfilling meal. It’s relaxing, yet exciting atmosphere will leave you wanting to come back for more. In addition to the restaurant’s dining experience, MKT will be launching an extensive monthly event schedule that contains non-stop entertainment. The live music will have you dancing in your seat…. and eventually right onto the dance floor.

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